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  • Daisy Paterson

Amazing August reads!

The books I've read this month include: 'These shallow graves', 'how not to disappear', 'Billy and me', 'Beautiful broken things' and 'after you.' I hope you are enjoying a good as book as I am... If your stuck for ideas, or generally just want to know what a book is like: Read on...

So far I have read 'These Shallow Graves' By Jennifer Donnelly. First of all, you could say this is quite along book (500 pages) and I have been extremely busy, so it took me longer to read than expected. But, I have to say, as soon as I finished it, I felt like I had been transported in to a completely different life that was so intriguing and I miss the characters already! It is based in New York, in Victorian times. The main girl, Josephine Montfort, is expected to soon marry a man, named Bram, whom she doesn't love and start a family. Then her father dies. They say it is an accident... But jo's not so sure... She soon meets a Reporter who is feeling curious about this case. So, they work together. Edward Gallagher, better known as Eddie, has a completely different background to Jo. Infact, they are quite the opposite! He was practically brought up on the streets having to steel and beg for food. Despite this, as a team, they work well. Jo puts herself in to mountains of danger and soon finds out her past is darker that it seams. On top of all of that, she soon realises she's in love with Eddie, but is soon to be paired up for marriage with Bram, a fellow rich man who she is nothing more that friends with. Family or Love? Danger and love or security and wealth? She has some decisions to make. Will she make the right ones? And will she ever find out what happened to her dear Father? This book mainly contains romance and thriller. I would recommend it to people age 13+. It fits in to teen fiction.

The next thing I read was a book called 'how not to dissapear' by Clare Furniss. This was different from what I usually read and didn't know what to expect. I thought I would pick it up at the bookshop and give it a try! It was based on a girl, Hattie, who has recently found out she's pregnant with her boy best friend who's run off to 'find himself.' She meets her long lost Great Aunt, Gloria, who comes across foul. She's got early dementia and it comes across that she doesn't want anything to do with anyone or anything in the outside world. But, they soon learn to get along and go on an adventure so Gloria can show and tell the story of her past which will impact Hattie greatly, before Gloria has the will to remember anything. This story teaches you about how special memories are, and family too. Its feel good. Some could say it wasn't very thrilling so if your looking for a book which you can be content with and many shed a tear or two, then this is the book for you. I would recommend it to 11+. It fits in to teen fiction.

Next, is 'Billy and me' by Giovanna Fletcher. Wow! This book is now my favourite book of the year! READ IT! It is based on a quiet, shy girl called Sophie, who works in a small village tea shop. Owned by her best friend, Molly. The village has guests of a film crew in their village. This is when Sophie meets Billy Buskin. A kind, quirky actor. Billy Buskin is soon back to the village tea shop every day to 'learn his lines.' But, really, to see Sophie. Before long, they fall in love. But, can Sophie face all the Paparazi and the news paper judging her? Billy is starting to become more cocky about his career and dosen't have much time for Sophie. Will he stay like that? On top of that, Sophie has a secret. A secret that she never talks about with anyone. Will she tell Billy? The newspaper beats her. The whole world knows her secret. She has to decide if she can handle all of it. Will Billy turn back into the one she fell in love with? This book contains lessons about romance, courage, friendship. It is feel good, sad, romantic and gripping. I would recommend it to 13+, it fits in to adult fiction but personally I think is definitely suitable for teen fiction too.

Next, is a book called 'beautiful broken things' by Sarah Barnard. This is a book based on friendship. It is based on three characters: Caddie, Rosie and Suzanne. Caddie and Rosie have been best friends since they can remember. Caddie goes to private, single sex girls school and Rosie goes to a local state school. Suzanne joins Rosie's school and they become best friends. Suzzanne seems perfect, popular and pretty. But, theres more than meets the eye and you learn how hard a life suzanne has had. Caddie gets extremely jealous of Rosie and Suzanne and thinks she will never, ever become friends with Suzanne. But when Caddy learns that Suzanne needs help, they start to grow closer. This book teaches you about not judging a book by its cover, and how important friendship is. I read this book pretty quickly but I wasn't sad to finish it. It was good but I felt nothing much happened 1/2 of the book then it suddenly gets serious and gripping by the end of the book. Which was great, but I wished that would happen sooner! I would recommend this to 12-16/17. It fits in to teen fiction.

Lastly, is a book called 'after you' by Jojo Moyes and it is the sequel to the book I read last month, 'me before you', which was my favourite book of July.


After you was based on the lesson of getting over someone you have lost and learning to live again.

The main plot is about an unexpected visitor turning up at Louisa's (Lou's) door, who has recently found out they are connected to Will, whom Lou was carer to and deeply in love with. This person feels very unwanted and Lou feels its her duty to look after them. But, is that what Will would of wanted? He made her promise to live her life...

She then meets someone else, who she is falling in love with but feels to guilty to do so because of Will. She learns to become more of a risk taker and make the most of life and everything and everyone around her, because it could all change in a millisecond.

It is a very uplifting book and I personally think very important to read if you have read 'me before you,' because it finishes the story off in a better and happier way.

I would recommend this to ages 13+, it fits in to teen and adult fiction.

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