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Jelly Cooper:Alien review

"Jelly Cooper:Alien" by Lynne Thomas was a book I knew nothing about when I read the first page. Only that it had something to do with Aliens. It was quite a short read and read it in only two sittings as the more I read, the more I wanted to know the mysterious ending and if it would end how both the character and reader wanted it to.

It is based around a teenage girl, called Jelly cooper. First of all, I liked how Lynne Thomas connected a teenager and Aliens in the same book. The reason for this is although it was quite a sci-fi story line, which a normal YA reader might not go for, it is based around a normal teenage girl with a normal teenage life, and this definitely connects teenage girls to the book more and personally I felt I really stepped in to Jellies shoes.

Jelly is a normal girl who is got two best friends. She cares for them majorly. She hates everyone else. She suffers from being bullied at school although she's never had any major problems that aren't normal for a teenage girl. Apart from when she figures out she's an alien and theres someone hunting her down to try to kill her...

She starts having a reacurring dream that will not leave her, even when she wakes up, panic and sweaty in the night. She soon understands it is not just a dream.

When she first tells her best friends about the events and that she has realised that she is an Alien and a deadly, savage monster is hunting her down, they don't believe her. I mean, who would?

But her friends soon experience some of Jellys gifts such as having the ability to levitate anything. One of the true Bullies from her school realises her powers and Jelly knows she has to come along side her on the journey otherwise this weird secret will come out. Besides, she can trust no one, and she can't let anyone find out about her powers incase it gets to the wrong person, so she definitely doesn't want a person that despises her knowing her secret.

After still having weird dreams, a new teacher from school comes looking for her after she and her friends missed a day of school whilst figuring out her powers. Although, he hasn't come to find her about missing school. He's come about her powers, about the danger she's in and that it is defintiely not just dreams. Both the reader and Jelly are not to sure what to believe about him and if he is a friend or a foe. All she knows is she has to find out who the monster who she calls 'The hunter" is. She's not sure who she can trust and how long she's got until she will have to fight the hunter until one of them is no longer alive.

I really like how in this book you are always on the same page as Jelly and trying to figure out mysteries until the end, which keeps you gripped the whole way through. Although, one thing that confused me was how Jelly figured out she was an alien just from her dreams. I thought it could have had a bit more explaining on why she suddenly worked that out, because if it wasn't for the tital I don't think I would have guessed. However, the reader understands that she is an Alien and I think it is the clearest mystery to both the reader and Jelly.

Having said that, I really liked the use of the link between humans and Aliens and super powers. The reason for this is it mixed between fantasy and real, everyday things which I really liked about the novel. I also thought the descriptions were incredible and I could picture everything in the book like I was watching a film.

Another thing about the book which I loved was the characters. They were described so well and I got to know there emotions out of descriptions or diolouge. I even found myself upset when I thought something may happen to them. Also, I liked how I didn't know anything more than Jelly and didn't know who to trust and what was going to happen next which was a very clever affect.

It is quite a short read so if your looking for a quick read which takes you out of the world and transports you to wild and weird mysteries you would have never deblt with before, this is the book for you. You would also like it if your keen on sci-fi or YA books. I would recommend it to people ages 13-18 or any adults who like sci-fi/fantasy. A great read!

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