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  • Paige Toon

The one we fell in love with-review

‘The one I fell in love with’ was a book I have been itching to read for a very long time. And, it definitely met up to my expectations. It was an easy read with romance, drama and friendship and is also very uplifting.

It is about three sisters, triplets in fact, who are all in love with the same guy. Although, one of them is getting married to him. He is there next door neighbour and ever since he moved in all three girls have been fighting for a relationship with him. You wonder at the beginning how both you and the characters will deal with the simple but clever situation!

Throughout the book, there are a few very unexpected twists that will keep you wanting to read on. The ending was amazing and I must say, when I read the first chapter it was not the ending I was expecting. Also, the ending made you realise that a girls life shouldn't be all about boys, but love is a very important thing. Between siblings, partners, friends and family.

It is a book that is not only quite an easy read but is also makes you think about life. How you should live it every day like it’s your last, and how some moment can change a lot of things. It also shows how important bond between siblings is.

The book had amazing descriptions in it and I loved how all three girls were living in a different setting so you read about different types of very different places. (It made me want to go to all of them)

The characters were also described fantastically and I really felt like I knew them. When I finished the book, I wanted to do two things: read it again, and meet the characters. They all had their own special advantages and disadvantages about them but the author connected them in a special way so you could recognise that they were related.

If you re a teenage girl, it is also quite relatable. Although it is about older girls, in their twenties, they still have the same problems as teenagers and I found it very usefull to see how they solved their problems.

If I had one critizism is that i think in the middle it could of sped up a bit more. As, it was quite a simple plot, it overall succeed on keeping you hooked but sometimes I wanted to know a bit more about how the characters. felt.

Overall, if your looking for an easy read that will keeped you hooked all the way through, and you love a bit of romance, then this is the book for you. I would recommend it to people age 12+, it fits in to both YA and adult fiction.

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