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  • Maggie Harcourt


When this book was sent to me I was immediately exited to read it, because not only the blurb, but the cover made the book look so appealing. I was not disappointed and this book exited me the whole way through reading it.

This book was a based on a girl named Lexie who plans her life. Nothing ever happens unexpectedly and she always has a schedule. Lexie helps her father out constantly with his job which is planning book conventions. She's never really worked out her life, and is almost waiting for life to plan it out for her.

On the first book convention of the year, an unexpected geust turns up. Aidan swift. He's aragant and cocky and very rude to her, and makers her feel like a nobody. Just a girl with a clip board.

Then she reads a book which she utterly falls in love with. It inspires her and she can not stop reading it and feels like the author wrote the book just for her. Maby the book wasn't written just for her, but it was definitely written causing her life to begin. She organises a convention for the book straight away.

A cocky, arogant guest turns up who came to the first convention of the year. . . Haydn Swift, the author. Who was called Aidan Swift at the convention. Both the reader and Lexie wonder how on earth someone who came across so aragant and cocky could write such an amazing book. Aidan Swift and Haydn Swift are the same person. But are there characters also totally different?

Then some things start to happen which she just can't plan.

Throughout the book, Lexie desires a life which revolves around someone else. In this book, you learn that your judgement of someone when you first meet them can be very wrong. Hate can turn to love very easily. Lexie life has always revolved around timetables, lists and plans. But she realises that theres more to life than that.

The reason the book was so gripping is because both Lexie and Aidan went through so much. It wasn't just about finding love, they faced realistic hurdles which anyone could face. The book is written from Lexies point of view, and you can tell that as the book goes on, Lexie progresses, and becomies more intelligent about life. A lot of it is conversations from friend to friend, to parent, to step mum, to work collies and boy to girl, so as the reader you listen to all different types of advice from different points of views and relationships in one book.

I think this book had access to the characters feelings and personalities more than any book I've read lately.

Throughout the book you see the characters in good times and in bad, and so you really do see the true colours of them and I think it teaches you about people and how they act in different situations. It truly felt like I new both the characters like they were my freinds. This book is almost like your watching someone else life which is quite normal, and it comes across that theres nothing special to the characters. However, there is so much special about both characters and you really learn that everyone has hard times but there are many ways to get through them and you have got to give everyone a chance.

It is a very realistic scenario because its not just a boy and a girl meet, the end, (which some books are!!) it shows weaknesses of both characters and problems with how Lexie looks at life. And by the end, both the reader and Lexie learn a very important lesson about life. You learn that you have got to make sure that your life has got to be your life. There can be other people in it, but its got to be about you. You can't plan everything, but you've got to take control and do what you want. Not take control of plans, take of control of yourself. Another important lesson which I will take from the book is that being brave is very important. If your brave, you can achieve so many things.

I would say this book is one of those books which I can imagine everyone loving. It was written fabulously and I would definitely love to read another of Maggie's books. Also, I liked how at the end of the novel it had the first chapter of Haydn/Aidan's book which is a really nice surprise to end the book and it was very clever!

I would recommend this to readers age 13-18, it is a perfect YA read and a book like no other. It comes out on 1st of Febuary so I really urge you to buy it! You will not be disappointed! It was romantic, important and clever.

WARNING: You will be very upset to finish it

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