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  • J.K Rowling

Revisiting the Harry Potter series

I know pretty much everyone has read these amazing books, and I decided to revisit them. I am not going to review them in detail as they are known to the world already, but just what briefly happens in each book, and why I liked them!

The whole series is great and I think each book is different in its own way, and each story is so gripping and nail biting! Obviously, if you haven’t read them, I would highly recommend it, you won’t regret it, in fact, you probably won’t let yourself a moment to regret it as you will be too gripped to stop reading!

I highly recommend topeople age 12+, it really doesn’t matter your age, it is a book for everyone!

Philosophers stone

The first book opens like Harry thinks his life is, an ordinary story, not overly exiting. Peculiar things start to happen when 30 letters are being delivered to

H. Potter through any entrance in the house possible. ‘Hagrid’, an enormous man-much taller than any 'muggle',soon visits and both the reader and Harry is told that Harry is not an ordinary boy, and he will be starting at Hogwarts, the school of wizardry, in September. After his visit to Diagon Alley, you and Harry are suddenly involved with the wizarding world.

After settling in at Hogwarts: meeting his new companions Ron and Hermione, the sorting hat, a feast like hes never had before, the plot thickens. Harry starts to realise theres something important that’s being gurarded in the school that is very important to others, and important that he gets to it before any one elses. After lots of sneeking around and getting into trouble, he realises it is a matter of life or death. What he does next will literally keep you on the edge of your seat!

As soon as the book finished, and the year at Hogwarts had finished, I was very exited to start ‘Chamber of secrets’ as the language used was amazing, the characters are described so brilliantly after only 223 pages you feel like they are your friends, they make you laugh. Smile, and gasp in shock and you can’t wait to read about what happens to them next!

Chamber of secrets

The second story of Harry potter opens back in his ‘muggle’ home, where he not to be seen or heard. But magic finds him when Dobby, an elf, warns him that he is not to come back to Hogwarts, as he is in danger if he does. The Magic carries on when Ron, his best friend from school, comes to visit him in a flying car with his brothers, and escapes him out of his horrible aunt and uncles house!

The story keeps you hooked the whole way through and the characters face a problem when people in the school start being attacked by an unknown source. Harry knows he has to find out who is doing this and what it is caused by. Hermione, Ron and harry (with the reader!) set out to find clues to secrets, they discover new places in the school which they would never dream of visiting, and they face danger that they have never faced before- including Harry facing 'Voldemort' for the first time since he was a baby, when Voldemort had tried, but failed, to kill him.

The friendship between Ron, Hermione and Harry grows emencely through the book and you learn more about the characters from the nail biting risks that they take.

The second book of the series really keeps you gripped from the word go, and every chapter something happens to keep you hooked. You get to know the characters more, meet new ones, and develop opinions on them too, like you are too, a student at Hogwarts.

Again, it was written incredibly well and made me laugh, cry and shake of fear in the characters positions!

Harry Potter and the prisoner of Azkaban

This has definitely been my favourite book of the series, as it was unimaginably gripping, I literally could not put it down!

A new character is introduced, called Sirius Black- a criminal both known to 'muggles' and the wizarding world.

He is on the loose after he escaped the awful prison of Azkaban. Harry and the reader soon finds out that he is after Him, Harry Potter himself.

The book takes you through another school year, full of quiditch matches, exams, new interesting lessons, and his, Hermione's and Ron's friendship grows. Not only this, but the battle against the haunting idea of Sirius Black. But for Hogwarts (and Harry) to be safe, Dementors guard the school. These are awful creatures which are unamigatively dangerous, and affect Harry in a terrible way. He has to find away to defeat them before they defeat him.

Yet again, all three of them get up to no good, and the book has so many twists that you don't expect along the way. On every page something happens unexpectedly to the reader and Harry and his friends, and you meet new characters and learn about them and often, change your opinion on them. You learn more about who is trust worthy and who isn't, and you also read about more of the wizarding world than you have before.

Hagrid, the games keeper, has more weird and wonderful creatures which the reader and Harry gets to know and understand.

Malfoy and his minions continue to be fowl towards Harry and his friends, but some things Harry says and does in return in this book makes you laugh out loud!

Overall, it is another great read and my favourite so far!

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