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Every day-Review

Every day by David Leviathan was a novel that really interested me when I read the blurb. I picked it up, started reading, and didn't stop. It was such a gripping and interesting young adult novel, which I highly recommend.

Every day, was based on 'someone' who woke up, every day, in a different persons body. For that one day, they had to live like the owner of the body would, without anyone noticing any different. He always wakes up in someones body who is the same age as him, and live in around the same area. But, then A falls in love with someone, a girl named Rhiannon, after pretending to be her boyfriend. But there is no way they can be together if they look like a different person every day, even if they are the same inside.

The book takes you through the morning procedure of A waking up and wondering who they are, what their family is like and what they are expected to act like. The more days that go on, A desperately cannot stop thinking about Rhiannon, and soon gives in on telling her everything. At first, she is shocked but then realises A is telling her the truth and falls in love with A's personality. But they both know there is no possible way of making them work together.. or is there?!

One day, A wakes up in a boy named Nathan's body. A is desperate to find Rhiannon, so goes to a party to find her. Then realises that they are going to change bodies at 12am, so A abandons the rules and falls asleep on the road. The morning after, Nathan wakes up there and tells the police he has been possessed by 'the devil', A has to find out a way of letting Nathan know it will never happen again (A never wakes up in the same body twice) and that it wasn't the Devil, it was just how A lives and has no control over it.

The plot was so introcate and it makes you think so much. It is a clever way of portraying how everyone has insecurities, even if they don't show it. It also portrays how people deal with life differently, and everyone has different secrets which they are trying to hide. The book also really outlined the fact that personality is the most important thing, whatever you look like. This book really highlighted that fact for me as the girl fell in love with A, whatever A looked like.

It was also a clever way of telling so many different stories in one book. As A woke in a different body, you as the reader and A discovered more things about the owner of the body, and the hard things that they have to deal with in life. This meant the book touched on so many different topics: Race, depression, drug addiction, sexuality and gender. This meant the book had so many lessons and messages, which I enjoyed!

The only thing that I didn't absolutely love about the book, is because the ending was a bit vague. Although it was a bit of a cliff hanger and A was clever on his actions, I really wanted to find out some answers that A was trying to figure out, and if A could ever live a normal life. However, it gave the book mystery and I know there is a sequel to it, which I think the Rhiannon narrates, so I am interested in reading that.

Overall, it was a great and gripping read which I thoroughly read through it. It is a YA book and I recommend it to teenagers age 13-17.

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