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  • Sophie Plowden

YOUNGER READ: 'Jack Dash and the summer blizzard'

Jack Dash and the summer blizzard is a younger read and aimed at ages 8-12. However, I absolutely loved it. It was a book really thoroughly enjoyed, and it is probably the funniest book I have EVER read! I mean that! It caused me to laugh out loud and every page was a joy to read.

The book was based on a boy called Jack, who owned a Magic Quill Pen that made whatever you draw real. It starts of when his friend, Coco McBean, steals his pen and draws a penguin. It comes to life, and they have no choice but to take it to school with them, where the most horrible head mistress (who pulls out teeth) is waiting for them at the door. The trouble goes on as its starts snowing in summer, two hundred penguins appear, and someone steals Jacks pen and it is so important he gets it back!

What I loved about this book is that Jack was always, from the very beginning, trying to solve problems (that you would realistically never have to face in reality) and save the day! This meant the reader went on adventures and solved problems with Jack and it was so fun to read as there were so many ridiculous but so clever and unthinkable problems that you had know idea how Jack would solve them!

Not only is the idea that there is a pen which you draw an object and it comes to life is so great, but throughout the book everything is so thought out, and all the characters are so funny and they all cause different problems for Jack to override. Also, what I loved about the characters is they were all types of people which everyone knows and can relate to. For example, one girl who loved telling the teacher everything and was such a 'goody goody' and a horrible, horrendous headmistress! Their characters were exaggerated but thats what made the book so funny, ridiculous but also in a clever way, relatable.

I also loved the way it was written: the language used and the place and people names make you even more engulfed in the word of Jack Dash!

The book was also so gripping and I finished it, very quickly, in one sitting. I really will be recommending this to ALL AGES although it is aimed at younger age groups, I think it will leave everyone falling on the floor with laughter! Not only that, but it is an exiting, thrilling and wonderful story. It also has brilliant illustrations to make it even more fun!


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