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  • Nicholas sparks

The notebook- review

This book was something I have been wanting to read for ages, and also been desperate to see the film, but I hate seeing films before reading the book! As soon as I received it as raced through it, and finished it in a day or two. It was a real romantic, heart wrenching story.

The novel is based on two loveable characters, Noah and Allie. You were taken through there lives, stories and romantic journey together. I really did love both characters in the book and felt I really connected with them.

The book is written absolutely brilliantly and all the descriptions were absolutely fantastic. But of course the way Sparks wrote about love was remarkable, and really made me laugh and cry, sometimes at the same time! The love the two characters had was so unique and the book was so gripping but in such an emotional way.

Both the characters stories are also amazing and they were so real and raw. The book was based on Noah reading there story to Allie, so most of the book is in 3rd person. However, when he finished reading to Allie, it turned in to 1st person and Noah's point of view. I thought this really added another dimension to the book as not only did it feel like you were being told a story, but also by the end you really got in to Noah's head, and this added to the emotion of the book immensely. It created you to really feel like you had known both the characters for a long time because of the change from 3rd person to 1st person.

I really enjoyed the ending and I felt the change in time made the novel even better. I'm exited to see the film but I think it will be hard to top the book, as the way it was written was absolutely outstanding and the language used was clever and well used.

Overall, i really recommend this book. IT was a rollercoaster of emotions and was uplifting in a way that you wouldn't expect. It is a very comforting read that will grip you, and is not like any other book I have read before. It is an adult fiction book and I recommend it to ages 13+


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