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  • Daisy Paterson

Feb 28, 2018

6 of the best books to read when your feeling lazy, and to finish the day off in the best way possible. I have reviewed all of these books if you want to look in further...


1. the light between oceans

This book was, and remains, such an amazing book for me. It is SO beautifully written and has so much meaning to it. I have watched the film but I think the book tops it by miles. (of course) The story is so eyeopening and somehow incredibly realistic.

Make sure to read it, its a fab book.

2. Me before you

You will need a box of tissues with this book, but its such an amazing, eye opening read. The whole trilogy of it is amazingly written and it is such a comforting book to read before bed. You become so close to the characters and I garuntee by the end you will not want to finish it! I fell in love with the characters and I garuntee you will not like the ending, while loving the ending. I'm still not quite sure how that works out that way, but it does. Its one the most real and raw books I've ever read.

3. How to stop time

I chose this book becuase not only is it one of my new favourite books, but also it has incredibly short chapters which go from dates to dates and place to place. This means if your one of those people that like to read a chapter before you go to sleep, this is perfect. It transforms you from your current habitat to a new one and the book so much feeling and depth behind it. the short chapters make your goal achievable and you will probably find yourself not being able to read only one a night...

4. Harry potter series

I mean, what else??? There is NOTHING BETTER than reading this as the last thing to your day. Every single book is different and while still being such page turners, they still remains such comforting books. I think it is the way JK rowling writes them becuase when you are reading them you are in a different place altogether. I actually think they are very theraputic beucase they are so far away from anyones lives, you are open to a whole new world surrounded by quidditch and spells.

Just, brilliant.

5. Billy and me

Now, although this isn't an epic or a classic, this is actually one of my favourite books. I just absoloutley love everything about it: the characters, the setting, and the story. It is such special and conforting book to me and I think it is one of those books which you just look forward to getting into bed, feeling comfy, and reading. It is so calming and such an easy read to calmly end your day. I recommend this to everyone becuase I feel like it is just such a loveable book with loveable characters.

6. Eliza rose

This is definitely for the younger teenagers but I think it is perfect for everyone to read before bed. It takes you right back in history and is based around the monarchy. Written easily and greatly, it carries away from all your anxieties and worries and brings you to a completely different (although completely real) place. Gripping but not to intense, it is a perfect read to calm and enjoy (while learning a thing or two about the monarchy!)


all reviews can be find on my review section!

(it might be easier to just search them up)


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