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  • Daisy Paterson

March 3, 2018

Books have the power to change the way you think.

I think It is one of the only things that really can change you perspective of things and make you see the world differently. The best books are the ones you get swamped in with deep and meaningful thoughts – the ones which have so many ideas in and such clever routes it never leaves your mind after finishing it.

So I decided to pick 6 of my favourite books that make your question things you’ve never really questioned before…

  1. Eleanor Oliphant is completely fine

This is just an overall insane book and (to be honest like all of these) I think everyone should read. The main character in it narrates the story who is a bit unusual to say the least. She looks at life in a different way to normal and points out little things that you have never thought about. It is actually a very deep and moving book and the ending is so shocking and unexpected that this in itself is one of the reasons it doesn’t leave your brain. But most of all, it’s just written so differently it completely switches the way you see certain things.

Its not only this but hilarious and fabulously clever.

I promise it will not be a book you want to put down…

  1. How to stop time

Even reading the title I thought this was going to give me the answer to the biggest of life’s questions: How to STOP time. Dissapointingly, t didn’t (one day maby there will be some scientific discovery?) BUT but it did help me through understanding the time that we have. The main character ages one year every eight years, meaning, he’s lived for a LONG time and seen A LOT of things. He actually doesn’t like his condition. Basically, it’s a great book that gives such a new thought on the short lives we have and how we should make the most of them while still being a fab fiction book which you can’t help thinking is real.

  1. Perfect and flawed series

This series is actually one of my favourite series ever. It’s dystopian and based in a world where perfection is the only thing that’s accepted. You will find yourself with a huge F stamped permanently (basically like a tattoo) if you do anything that is thought of as in any way not perfect and hated by the rest of civilisation. It’s just like discrimination against certain races or religions, but towards those who have broken rules that everyone does in our world daily. They are super gripping book as well but I read it a long time ago now but I think about it frequently. I highly recommend!!

  1. Every day

Based on a boy/girl/being who wakes up every day in a new body, having to pretend to be someone else every day. If you have ever wanted to step into someone else’s shoes then this is what this books about. Every chapter, a new person. It really made me think about people and outlines the unimportance of their ‘outer shell’ if you like. Basically, don’t judge a book by its cover, but this is really enforced in this book and it was just such a clever plot.

  1. After the fire

A dystopian book about a girl who belongs to a cult and escapes a fire. The dictator of the cult brainwashed them all horrors about the ‘outside world.’ It completely keeps you on the edge of your seat and it is merely impossible to not turn the page. Overall it is one of my favourite books ever but also it’s incredibly deep and intensely clever. It’s the kind of book which I want everyone to read because I feel like if you don’t you are missing out..

  1. Room

If you haven’t read this…why?!?! A woman kidnapped by a man who keeps her and her 5 year old son who she got from him in one room and one room only. It is from the 5 year old boy’s perspective who thinks that the whole world is the room he lives in. Literally. INCREDIBLY thought provoking. Genuinely if you are going to get any of these books because you want something that will make you question EVERYTHING and feel so different when finishing the book, it should be this.

I think the writer of this book is a genius, it’s just incredible. The fact it is from A 5 year olds perspective is interesting in its self, but with the story line as well its just EXTREMELY good.

* *

All reviews for the books are as always available to read and the links to buying all of the books mentioned are link below.

Hope you enjoy at least one of these books and I hope they make your mind wander...


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