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  • Daisy Paterson

March 25, 2018

Reading books on a cosy Sunday afternoon is one thing, but when your not so exited to pick up your book it’s just not worth it. I genuinely believe ‘not liking reading’ is absoloutely impossible. You just haven’t found the correct books to like it. Every single book is different, so how can you not enjoy reading?


I agree, you can say, ‘I don’t like that book’ but saying that you don’t read?? Well, you need to find yourself a book which will you will WANT to pick up and read, and not want to put it down…

  1. After the fire

This YA book is one of those reads which you are gripped from the begging. Endlessely discovering answers, meeting new characters and solving mysteries. It is incredibly harrowing and emotionaly thundering. I actually would be extremely surprised if someone didn’t like this book. It’s amazing. It’s got such a great plot and is written so well its virtually impossible not to read it in one sitting.

  1. Room

From the perspective of a 5 year old boy, it is written so simply yet so effectively that it is impeccably easy to read you are never checking how many pages left till the end of the chapter so you can stop reading and go on your phone. NO, this is MUCH more important than going on your phone, it’s such an amazing story which is so raw and true. It’s the kind of the book which you want to get to the end because you want to know the ending, but you don’t wan’t to finish it at the same time because it’s such an amazing book. It has a very sad and upsetting plot but somehow manages to be incredibly uplifting. You have to read this!

  1. One of us is lying

A teen book which is a mix between the breakfast club and your favourite murder mystery. The book practically turns the pages for you, you don’t even realise your doing it it’s so gripping! Every chapter holds answers that as a reader, you want to find out. You question any thoughts you have about what the ending is going to be (I can ensure you, they will most likely be wrong…) and I guarantee you will be desperate to get to the end, and NOT because you want to stop reading it.

  1. Perfect & flawed series

I know I have put these books in a lot of my book lists, they are just so amazing!! Honestly was so exited when found out there was a sequel to ‘flawed’ and I look back on them as such great books. I am petty sure I finished both in one sitting each, they are written so well and every page something new changes. You go through the character’s journey with them and you don’t want to finish. They are extremely gripping and overall two of my favourite books…of all time…

  1. hunger games series

If you haven’t read these already, why??? If your stuck on what to read and need a guaranteed enjoyable read then these are the books for you. They are so gripping and (personally) I think they are miles better than the films. Everything about them is brilliant, each one will grip you more and more and I am currently considering a re-read because I enjoyed them so much.

  1. The tattooist of Auschwitz

I am writing this last one while still reading it, and I can tell you, I am gripped. It is an absoloutely amazing story and it is impossible to put down. The story is so heartbreaking yet you feel you get so close to the character and what they go through is unimaginable, but I think it is a really important read.

It is written so simply, but it is unbelievable. I highly recommend, I am completely gripped.

I hope one of these books you will enjoy and be hooked to. Being gripped to a book I think is one of the most important things. You HAVE to want to pick it up and read it, otherwise, what’s the point?

I have reviewed all my books mentioned, so if you want some more info on any of the books it is available!


check them out:

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