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  • Daisy Paterson

The woman in the window review

After finishing the last page of woman in the window, I literally feel speechless. It was twist after twists the whole way through and if as a reader, you think you know what is going to happen next, you are wrong!

The book is based on a woman who lives with agoraphobia and depression and has become an alcoholic. During her boring days at home, she often looks outside the window and piers into other peoples lives. When she sees he new neighbours, a friendly looking family of three she starts to watch them from their window. However, she then sees something she shouldn’t have seen and is ultimately disturbed by it. However, the events that follow through with it are as unbearable as the first and know one believes her and thinks she is only ‘hallucinating.’

It’s really tough to write about this book without giving something away so I just want to comment on how it was written and why it was especially good. I really felt like I was inside someone’s thoughts b3ecuase it was so realistic and the structures of sentences gave such a clear overview of her thought process in each moment. I loved how you really felt as you had literally stepped in to her shoes meaning that whoever she liked, I liked, when she was relieved: I was relieved, when she was scared: I was scared. But most of all, when she was confused, I was confused. It felt like such a mystery because of this as I didn’t know who to trust like her and the twists became even more unexpected because you felt exactly how she felt towards people and situations.

It was immensely gripping, and especially the last 200 pages It was impossible to put it down. I was desperate for answers and whenever you thought you’d found the answer, something else happened. I remember still having 100 pages left and wondering what would happen because we now knew all the answers. However, every page in those last 100 pages had new unexpected events.

However, it Is definitely for mature teenagers to adults as it especially by the end, it did get quite ‘uncomfortably dark’. I wouldn’t say it was horror, but by the end it was pushing into that spectrum. So, if you like that kind of thing then perfect, but if things freak you out easily then this isn’t good for you!

However, I dislike horror books and it is much more thriller, it did contain some quite disturbing and topics which made it more thrilling bur its important to know that before reading it. It’s a really hard book to review because its so hard to give anything away because there’s so much you could give away!

However, to summarise, these are four reasons why its an absolutely brilliant book!

  1. The structure of the way its written completely fits the style of book and makes every page un-putdownable

  2. The Characters are all really unique and as a reader you feel like you get to know them (or at least think you do…)

  3. It has so many subtle messages hidden within it and you become very fond of the main character only by reading her constant thoughts.

  4. Even thought the whole book is set in one house, it still manages to be immensely gripping

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