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  • Daisy Paterson

The forgetting time review

Sharon Guskins debut novel blew me away. This book was something I read a while ago and I am telling everyone to read. It is a book based on a boy who remembers his past life...

Now I've never really believed in re-incarnation but this book made me think. A LOT. The young boy, Noah, shouts for his mother when he is being carried in his mothers arms, makes references to his old house and life constantly, and will NOT have a bath or be under any water.

This book is based around three lives: the life of the boy, the life of his mother, and the life of the profesor, Dr Anderson, who investigates it. Before him, Noah was diagnosed with all sort of brain dysfuntions, and any reasons that didn't fit the bill for him. They just werent right. However, theh professor spent his life investigating children like this and during the book you follow the individual story of Noah and his past life.

I think this is the most emotive novel I have read in a very long time because of how thought provoking it was. From the very beginning, I was hooked by all the mysterees of the boy, and the more the book went on the more I believed in his story of reincarnation. Now I can't stop thinking about it. Sharon Guskin creates characters that have their own individual story that you follow throughout the book. The characters and ones that you automatically like (I did anyway!)

Something I REALLY loved about the book was that each chapter started with snippets of REAL stories of individuals who believed in their 'past personalities' and past lives. Because of this, it makes the story of Noah feel more raw and real because you see for some, this a reality. Teh book goes through the battles Noah and his mother go through to decide whether Noah should go back to where he remembers living, and to the people he remembers being his family. Not only does the book hook you by these problems and the consequences they have, but the mystery of his death could be a book all on its own.

When the story goes through all the people he remembers and where he felt he belongs, it is incredibly moving and emotion... & incredibly gripping!! It was such an easy read that kept me turning the page without doubting it, something that anyone should read if there questioning what to read back. Not only the story line, but the phycological impact it had on me got me wanting to carry on reading, and to be honest, I was gutted to finish and it has really inspired me to read a few more books on this topic, because I never really realised how fascinating it is. It is a novel both emotive and incredibly thought provoking, One of those books that could fill a thousand conversations that don't have a conclusion.

rating : * * * * * /5

GENRE: adult but suitable for YA

PLEASE give this a go if you are at all interested in after life, mysteries about death of just love a gripping mystery.


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